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Animal Sacrifices: Our Visitors' Comments


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Animal Sacrifices: Our Visitors' Comments
By Noelene - 5 Jan 2013


I wasn’t suggesting having faith just in ‘anything I can do on my own’ – but what I can do and be in my endeavours by heeding and following that ‘inner voice’ insofar as it is in line with Jesus’ teachings and example in living, and therefore in harmony with the ways and spirit that is God.

What I was trying to say re the Thief on the cross, was that  even a thief – a ‘criminal’ -  could enter Paradise with Jesus.   From all I have heard, read and sensed about life after “death”, and confirmed by Jesus’ teaching and demonstrating for man that there is no death, my conclusion on that is that EVERYONE, upon leaving the body, returns to the spirit state. 

Whether they have faith before doing so – as did the thief, or leave the physical without faith, they then are given the chance to discover aspects of the Truth, and to choose faith etc if they wish. That would then determine their level of spiritual progress at that point.

God even knows when a sparrow falls!  a tiny speck of Life has returned to its source.  I’m not suggesting being SELF-important!  Or judging God;  but I do think each of us, especially in this group, can certainly recognise whether a thought, prompting etc. falls within the ways of God and the work and example of Jesus, or not.    I’m not wanting to make an argument!

I hope that makes sense.