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By Rer Swetr - 19 Jan 2014


I read your article about people eating animals.

The slaughter of animals is really disguising and cruel. Then, animals have not caused the trouble and destruction man has. Last, I don't understand why if man has a soul (that its not the body), the animals can't have but must be robots. Some Christians are too egotistic and this among others (clergy hate, oppression, wars), is a bad fame for Christianity and Jesus Christ.

It makes no sense to me to say that God made mortal animals for us. Life without God is mortal, but they're saying that God originally made animals to die. A God of Love would never want to make us feel bad. What kind of paradise is the one where you walk among corpses?

I don't know what to say about the relationship of man and animals, according to the Bible. Maybe it was a dead end situation, where man had to eat animals and do degusting things, maybe some of this is made up by man and was never ordered by God.

But what is sure is that a God of Love would never be pleased with blood sacrifices. If someone needs blood, he is not God. He is a man hungry for power, masqueraded as God or God's agent. A God doesn't need meat and blood. He is the Source of everything. He doesn't need our mere power.

Its too cruel when some Christians are angry with doubts concerning the actions of various "God's people" in the OT. If God put morality in our heart, why its wrong to doubt about slaughter of people and animals? We're expressing the nature God gave us.

If we confuse laws and orders with the unwritten law of morality, then only what a lawgiver says is right and wrong. We cant claim that murder is evil and then say "God says so, don't question".

This is not only false, it's evil and I believe its against God.

Thank you.

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