Animal Stories

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Animal Stories
Finnegan the Squirrel

Comments by Stella - 27 Jul 2006

Heart Warming!!!

A friend of mine sent me this story. You see, I too have cancer and she told me to start a garden for therapy. In the development of the garden, I was getting frustrated of all the animals (squirrels, deer, raccoons, cats) that are terrorizing my garden (all that hard work) to where I threw a tiny rock to shoo away a squirrel. The squirrel was making holes right were the flowers where planted and sometimes pulled the plant right off the ground. I was wrong and feel so terrible. The squirrel was just trying to store food for the winter time. The ground was so hard during the summer, that anything area of ground that is soft, that�s where they will bury their reserves. Today, I just go back out there and always follow up after the squirrels are done performing an important task of life!

Thank you for a wonderful story!


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