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Animal Stories
Comments by Cal Cantrill - 4 Mar 2007

I really don't know how to address the situation? The book he so called wrote was really dictated by my Mother to him and he decided to spice it up with Lies. My Mother and I tried to re-write the book and had it published again but the Publisher tried to cut some corners and went back to the Original Publisher and used the SAME transcript, but did add a different section as to what Mother and I tried to re- write, if you could get a copy of that book it would help you find some of the answers, I did write in the book a lot of experiences I had with Little Tyke and other pets on the ranch, which are quite funny.

The first book was published by a SDA publisher and the 2nd was published by the Theosophical Society. If you have no results let me know as I can type up some of my experiences with her.

Yes she was a Vegetarian, we NEVER could get her to eat any kind of meat. Mother enquired from the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Auburn WA for help and they came up with a nutritional diet for her, it contained milk, eggs, pabulum cereal and lots of vitamins. She would cook up a large batch of it and then heated it up before each feeding which was twice a day. She thrived on it.

God bless.

Cal Cantrill

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