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Animal Stories
Comments by Sharon Brown-Easterly - 26 Mar 2007

In Reference to Tsunami Friends: Owen and Mzee

Dear Frank and Mary,

Thank you for replying to my daughter, Lauren. She is only 6 yrs old and very concerned for the hippo and his tortoise friend. So nice of you to personally reply and so quickly!!

We are animal lovers and take in hard luck cases of all breeds and types. Currently, 3 dogs who have been mistreated or lost (one was shot), a diabetic cat - ready to be tossed away, a parrot whose owner was moving, a gecko whose owner moved onto a boat, two gerbils from the elementary school, and we have a beautiful koi pond. One of the fish was frozen and brought back to life with the help of a nebulizer! His name is GoGo - still "going" strong.

I envy people who can help real wildlife!! I would have loved to do that with my life.

Best regards, keep up the great reports and we loved your book - it made me cry.

Sharon Brown-Easterly

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