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Animal Stories
Comments by Pam Englehart - 29 Mar 2007

I just enjoyed reading:

THE LION WHO LAY DOWN WITH THE LAMB - From All Creatures Animal Stories

I've been such a believer for a long time. And, so are so many others!

I know of an on-line article that pairs up Very Nicely with Little Tyke's biography:

When the Whole Earth Will Be a Sanctuary
- Why Are Efforts Failing?
- The Only Realistic Hope for an Earthly Sanctuary

There are a number of similar articles on the site: 

Two more favorites of mine (that I think you'd probably enjoy) are:

Bringing Up Baby in the Wild

Cooperation--Vital To Life
- The Role of Cooperation in Nature
- Why Cooperation Is Vital
- When Global Harmony Will Prevail

Thank You for Sharing! (;

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