Animal Stories

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Animal Stories
Comments by Bryson Code - 14 May 2007

I have seen this fantastic story printed at least a dozen times. The story is true, but the pictures are of two other elk. I was told by NDOW, these two elk died (in the pictures) because they were on private land and the rancher, who owned the land, would not allow state biologist in to assist the animals. I was told the rancher was angry with the state government or NDOW and would not allow access to these animals to provide life saving aid.

Every time I see the pictures of the two animals (elk) on your website it breaks my heart because I know the real story behind them. The men in the photos attached to your story are not Tom, Brian or Bryson. They are of other men who would not, or could not, do anything to spare the lives of those beautiful creatures. I have the real photos of the two elk from your story, that did survive. I will send them if you like, but they are not very good, we were too busy working to pose for glamour shots.

Bryson Code
Wildlife Biologist
Tonopah, NV

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