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Animal Stories
Comments by Linda - 26 May 2007

When we asked Linda, "How do you know these things?," she responded:

All one need do is read Dr. Camuti's book, written by him in the first person, "All My Patients Are Under The Bed," NOT "All My Patients LIVE Under The Bed," as stated by Mr. Danielson. I received the book as a gift, as I am a "cat person," in 1988 and have read it several times, since it is extremely funny and makes me laugh every time I read it.

Dr. Camuti, who died in February, 1981, at age 88, states many facts in the book, which Mr. Danielson has obviously NOT read. For instance, he was 67 years old and still actively practicing when his allergies came upon him. He did NOT suffer from allergies all his life! Until that time the Camutis had always had pets of their own, stories of which he recounts in the book. In order to continue his practice, which by then had become strictly outpatient in the homes of his clients, he was able to take a 12-hour antihistamine daily, which lasted long enough for him to see his clients' cats.

The business about him waking up the household and the fire thing is absolute nonsense, as is most of what Mr. Danielson states. Read the book for yourself and see. I wonder if Mr. Danielson really is Dr. Camuti's grandson. Perhaps he is lying about that. The book is still available on, and it is very inexpensive at this point, as the copyright was 1980, and it became available in paperback, which is the copy I have, in 1985. It is probably in your local library as well.

At any rate, I hope this answers your question. Perhaps it would be a REALLY GOOD IDEA if you checked the facts of pieces before posting them on the internet.

Yours in Agnosticism and the love of animals,


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