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Animal Stories
Comments by Alejandro G. Cossio - 26 Sep 2007

In Reference to: Alejandro and the Deer

Dear Frank:

In response to Deby Zimmerman, and only to complement a little bit more what you have already explained perfectly in your answer is this:

We have several high fenced corridors that exit from the main pen, this are used to separate some animals from the others, Before the rut season comes, and big bucks are full of testosterone, we usually separate the small bucks, 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 years old, from the bigger ones, Only a big buck will be with them, it is well known between deer Biologists and deer managers, that the presence of a bigger and stronger male, inihibits and moderate the testosterone levels and agressiveness from smaller bucks, turning them subordinate deer. We only kept 4 does with us, they are separated from bucks during the rut, we usually let one sire buck to breed them, in order to have a wider genetic pool and avoid to much consanguinity. Our place is small, and we don't want to many fawns coming next year. In the precise case of all this wild deer, they were saved from a certain death when their small isoletad habitat, was about to be destroyed. They lack sufficient natural browse, that's the reason we have to fill their nutrient requirements with alfalfa hay and supplement feed.

If she is willing to take a look at my web page, in the "About us" section, it is posted a more detailed explanation of our intentins and goals.

I appreciate very much her comments, and in order to prevent more worries about ther deer health and injured prevention, I can assure her that we take a lot of care to prevent rut oriented conflicts and unnecessary fights. We have almost 5 years with our deer and none of them had been seriously injury.

Sincerely yours

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