Animal Stories

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Animal Stories
Comments by Deby Zimmerman - 26 Sep 2007

In Reference to: Alejandro and the Deer

The photos of Alejandro and the Deer are amazing...but several questions arise. One, are they kept in an enclosed area, like a private "park" because I noticed the high fencing and that they were in a barn or shed in several of the photos plus obviously fed more than just "treats" that most deer would stop in for but continue around for regular forage. Secondly, What happens in this enclosed area when the rut season comes? Most of those bucks appear to have some very formidable weapons and in such an enclosed area could do some major damage with as many males as there appear to be.

Thanks though, for sharing all of the beautiful photos.....they are truly the graceful "Earth-Angels" in my eyes.

Deby Zimmerman

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