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Animal Stories
Comments by Gail Stinton - 4 Oct 2007

In Reference to: Fawn and Rabbit: Innocence Conquers All

Dear Tanja,

What a lovely soul you must have! I am so delighted to view your work, it has restored my hope for the unification of humanity; some, if not all!

I am 72 now & I must say I have become weary of the ignorance & cruelty I have lived to see. Your works have lifted my spirit and I want to thank you for that, very sincerely! How I would love to meet you and get to know you! I will be looking for info about you and your work.

I can hardly wait for my grands & great-grands to see these heartwarming scenes. I must start a collection for them all.

I am a Native descendant of the Minnesota Ojibwe Nation, born on the White Earth Reservation, raised by my grandparents with love of all creation.

I have tried to pass this on, but negative opposition is so great and hard to go up against. Your talents are heavy ammunition for passing these teachings on and I know you will continue to be blessed in your artistry, so again I say thank you and wish you all the best!

God be with you,
Gail Stinton

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