Animal Stories

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Animal Stories
Comments by Jen Sauerwein - 29 Dec 2007

In Reference to: A �Chance� in a Lifetime � A True Miracle

Hi Debra,

What a neat story! I certainly wish more people were as caring and compassionate as you are about animals. So many people don't see them as "beings." They see them as objects or property, not as loving, loyal, sweet, innocent, defenseless animals who need human's love and protection, and who need us to take care of them. Of course, I'm mainly talking about dogs and cats, but even wildlife is included in this to a large degree.

I always become so discouraged with people close to me because no one feels the same way I do about animals. I honestly treat and protect my dogs and cats as if they were my own children. And I read so many terrible stories about animal abuse/neglect, and the animal testing stories just about kill me. I really want to be able to help animals more. I have returned many lost dogs to their person, and have even ended up keeping two dogs I have found over the years. They are just the best, SWEETEST dogs!!! But I really need to help dogs and cats as a career; I feel that's my calling.

I really like to read stories of people who evidently feel as strongly as I do about God's creatures. Because it seems like there aren't very many of us!!

Thanx for your story. Take care.


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