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Animal Stories
Comments by Sherri Fleming - 18 May 2008

In Reference to: Ty: Guilty by Association

May 18, 2008


I�m so sorry about what you went through with your dog Ty. My parents raised a pit-bull named Sage and she was loving and docile, but fiercely protective of our family. She died at almost 14 years old which is a very long life for that breed.

Back in September of 07, I was visiting my sister with my husband and niece who lives with me now. She is, like me, very tender hearted when it comes to animals, At that time, I had 3 dogs a cat and a bird, all of which were rescued and I was trying to keep in my tiny little 1000 sq ft home. Well, one day she called me hysterical asking if I would allow her to bring a pit bull dog home because he was being abused. I immediately had the worst thoughts in my head�.oh no�a pit bull that may already have aggressive tendencies inbreed in it. She, behind my back, brought the dog to her moms house, and when I got there, met who is now Kane. He as this little 5 week only white American pit bull sitting on her friends lap sleeping as if he was exhausted. I picket him up and checked him out as he yawned his puppy breath in my face. He had cuts on his ears and front paws. I came to find out from my niece that this was from the own himself biting he hears and shaking his head back and forth to try and make him aggressive. But, because Kane would cry, and retreat, he was being thrown in a bathroom with no bedding, food, or light and left in there as punishment. I also came to find out that because he would not fight, he was destined to be used as a bait dog�.which means that he would have been used to train other pit�s to kill in their early training.

Kane has been with my family for nearly a year now. He weights 67 pounds, is white with brown spots, and has black rings around his mouth and eyes like lipstick. I am so grateful that God put my niece in that right place at the right time and saved this beautiful dogs life. He loves all of my other animals, I can even put my cockatiel on his back and he doesn�t react at all. He is docile enough that he allows himself to be put in a submissive position on his back, while my beagle/Chihuahua mix, and terrier attach him. My parents adore him. He came shortly after Sage died.

Pit Bulls are stunning dogs, I would own another in a heart beat.

I hope your Ty is still alive and living a happy life, and if he is not, know that if he is not, he was loved by you and knew it.


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