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Animal Stories
Comments by Mary Kistler - 31 Jul 2008

In Reference to: Dearest Abby: the loss of a family member

This story made me cry like a baby. I agree 100 percent with Mike Jaynes' view of the worth of animals. Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world who would pull off the side of the road for an animal - dead or alive.

His writing is powerful, and I could clearly picture Abby in my mind. What a lucky dog she was to have been loved so dearly. It is clear her passing touched him deeply.

Yet what a beautiful tribute and legacy to tell the tale and sing the name of such a devoted friend. They bring much to our human lives and take so much with them. I feel sorry for anyone whose heart is closed to God's loving creatures. They know so much more about love than we humans ever will.

Mary Kistler

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