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Animal Stories
Comments by Sandra Cairncross - 24 Aug 2008

In Reference to: The Story of Our Miracle Haflinger Honey

I really enjoyed the story about Honey, the Haflinger since I, too, have a Haflinger that came to me under ironic circumstances.

They're one of my dream breeds, but I figured I probably wouldn't own one simply because I don't see them for sale very often where I live, and if so, they're at least $4000 for a green one. All of my horses have either been free or very inexpensive as I'm a simple trail rider, no showing, no jumping, nothing fancy needed. So, when a friend told me she bought a Haflinger I was naturally, a bit envious, but she had a medical condition which made her dizzy and she thought a Haflinger would work as they have a calm nature and are closer to the ground. Well, after a few years she didn't get better and told me she sold the horse after a number of falls. I was sad for her since I knew she would miss her horse.

Being the owner of a tack store, I have many customers that come in and tell me of horses they know of for sale, but not too often are they free.

The same day I found out my friend sold her Haflinger, a customer came into my store and said "By the way, if you know anyone that might want a free horse, a lady needs to find a home for her Haflinger". I said "Your kidding me!" She said she had told the lady she'd take it, but changed her mind when she found another horse that didn't need any work. Ah ha, I knew it, a project horse. I didn't care, I hooked up my trailer and went to check him out. He was gorgeous! A 14 hand, true old style, draft type Haflinger. Just what I've always dreamed of! He had some vices, but I thought most of them were because of his living conditions: a 12' x 12' pipe corral, no other horses around, and an owner that had lost interest.

I was right. Once he came to my home, got to know the other horses, and had a much larger turnout area, he turned out to be a sweetheart. So now I have my very own Haflinger gelding, Dillon, and I hope he's with me the for the rest of his life.

Sandra Cairncross

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