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Animal Stories
Comments by Betty - 13 Sep 2008

In Reference to: Finnegan the Squirrel

Thank you so much will you please send me a copy of it?

I found a story where she turned Finnegan loose and he came back a few times but he wouldn't come to her and she hasn't seen him for a long time. I love these kinds of stories

Thank you so much for letting me know about Finnegan. I don't think my squirrel will ever leave she always comes back and she is almost a year old.  I got her Oct 2007 and she is so small. 

The last time she went out a storm came and she was gone 3 days and nights and it scared her to death and she will not go back outside since and when a rain comes she is so scared I have just got to hold her so I don't think she will ever leave and she can not crack a nut I have given her all kinds of nuts, and she can not crack them, just peanuts.

I found her or she found us in Florida, and come to think of it I have never seen those squirrel crack nuts either; they take them and hide them and eat the peanuts, there is no way she could make it here where I live.

By her not being able to crack nuts and scared to death of storms, she will probably never leave, but I love her and she is so sweet that I don't mind if she stays with me the rest of her life.


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