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Animal Stories
Comments by CC - 23 Oct 2008

In Reference to: We Lost Our Buddy

After reading the story of Buddy being killed and the total negligence of the treatment of the owner, I must say that there is a huge lesson to be learned from this. No matter where this is in the United States, this cannot be allowed to continue. The citizens and taxpayers of this community are paying for and condoning this horror.

Buddy's owner must get an interested newspaper reporter and a local TV anchor and must make an unannounced visit to that shelter, they must report what the see as well as the entire story of Buddy's death under their "care".

They must gather as many interested citizens as possible, go to City Hall, demand that their shelter be taken over by a group of volunteers and all policies be examined and changed. It can be done and must be done for the sake of all the poor animals that have the misfortune to come in contact with that so called animal shelter and the barbarians that work there.

This cannot go on!! There are many people that can advise you on the proper management of an animal shelter so it will not be difficult.

Good luck--do not give up--this must be done in memory of your beloved Buddy.

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