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Animal Stories
Comments by Barbie - 9 Dec 2008

In Reference to: A Bald Eagle and a Man

I have just finished wiping the tears from my eyes and all down my chin (s), ha ha, after reading your fantastic wonderful story about Freedom the eagle.

I have a huge fluffy white Samoyed dog named Dee Oh Gee, and we are a pet therapy team. We go to hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and libraries where the kids read to him to improve their reading. WORKS too! We also are certified for hospice and that is where the strong emotions are waiting for us every time. The families get as much or more from seeing and petting him than the patients. We also work with the county police dept. In grief therapy and with special needs youth.

WOW, I hope we can even come close to what YOU and Freedom have together. I truly believe that God put that magnificent bird into YOUR hands because HE knew the two of you would be best for each other. My husband also had the same cancer you had and even 4th stage and he got pneumonia, too. They gave him NO chance to survive but GOD has other plans for him on earth.

We both love eagles so much and are blessed to live in an area in Florida along the Gulf coast where we get to see them often . We even live right between TWO nests! MY husband's company is "EAGLE HOME REPAIR" and he collects everything-eagle!

Please look up Isaiah 40:31 in your Bible and it will give you another reason to be awed!

Thanks for all you have done.

Barbie....Englewood, Florida

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