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Animal Stories
Comments by Diane - 5 Jun 2009

In Reference to: Epitaph for a Friendship


I am Lying Here Now, 11 PM, Crying My Heart Out for Precious Precious Mouser...what a Sweetheart......but Crying for those We Have Lost seems to be a HUGE Part of Life...Especially for our Animal "COMPANIONS"!!..There Journey on Earth is So Incredibly SHORT?? As Mark Twain Quoted

"If Man Could be Crossed With The Cat It Would GREATLY Benefit MAN, But Deteriorate the Cat!!"

We could, Humans, Could LEARN So Much Spiritually from ALL Animals, It would be a world without Wars, Hate, Killing for Jo, money, Non-Judgment, etc., well...So Be It! What is Just Is!! "Nothing is Certain....NOT Even Certainty!"

Much SADNESS in your Creature Stories...But that is what 99% of Life, here on Earth, seems to be "About?

There is NO death, just transition to another Higher Energy Level..ISNESS Just IS!! LIFE Cannot Die...Impossible!! Scientists, Quantun Physics, have finally PROVEN that...we, ALL Beings, Just Shred this Body we've taken to live out, only our Creator Knows why, but what we call Death is "Just Going HOME"!!...Going Back Home to where, when Born, Came From. But WOW...It is so SAD (Misery) for those left Behind to Endure! Whereas our lost loved ones have gone on to a "HIGHER" ENERGY Level, "All That is", God, our Creator, Universe, Every Living Being...Is "ONE"...we , each Living Creature, .... God is Experiencing itself through, But it Ever Hard when they "Go Home" Especially our MUCH Loved & Adored Animal COMPANIONS (their lives here are much, much too short)...Well--My Love and BLESSINGS go out to "Mouser"!! I LOVE Him!! Bless his little Heart!!



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