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Animal Stories
Comments by Chris - 25 Sep 2009

In Reference to: In Praise of Older Dogs

All I have are "saves" from the needle or otherwise. I was a cop and had (had) to do animal control and it killed me. In heart and mind. I can almost see the abuse of humans before animals, not that they are much apart. I know, that is cold but I would take dogs over humans any day of the week.

The kids I have are, as you have probably seen, so much more appreciative than a 'bought' dog. They seem to understand you were their last hope, and they let you know. Nothing as trusting or as loving as a saved dog, let alone a saved animal.

They seem to know. It is so odd. So trusting and loving, it is like they know YOU were really the last hope, and they instill the love for you. I really think this extends to all the rescues; horses, dogs, cats, and all the others that 'people-if you can call them that' deem to see as disposable.

There is a fundamental problem with how most of the people have regarding pets. They are NOT disposable. Would you give your kid away, would you go out to the country and dump them? Some would, we know that, but that is against the law. Unfortunately, it is OK for critters (according to law).

I have a real problem with that. As I do with ownership. I have seized a few dogs, and had them placed. I felt really good about that. Especially when the judge ruled that they will not/should not (under penalty of law) have a pet in the city limits. One of the biggest problems I encountered is that they, the pets, are actually, seemed and deemed as disposable. My dog ran away, so I got another one. THEY RAN AWAY FOR A REASON! All it takes is about 5 bucks for a tag with a number and address and I can reunite them with the ones that seemingly care. Jaded, yes, you bet. It was the worst part of the job.