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Animal Stories
Comments by Shauna Russ - 26 Oct 2009

God has blessed me with wonderful pit bulls for decades as my pets and now I have had two as my service dogs. My first service dog was a large American Staffordshire Terrier mix who lovingly worked until she had a stroke just after her 10th birthday. Even as she was dying in my arms and I was crying, she was wagging her tail and kissing me. If I didn't think that she was with the Lord my heart would be shattered.

About 6 months later I prayed for God to bring my next service dog to me the next day and He brought a sweet little Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Phoebe, into my life before 4 pm the next day. This breed is killed in so many places throughout our country and the world, not for what they have done, but only because of their breed. The dogs that are actually dangerous are a small minority and they have been made dangerous by criminals who abuse, torture, drug these dogs and participate in poor breeding practices.

The majority of these dogs are wonderful family dogs who are tender and loving, especially around children. They have a tremendous work ethic which makes them great service dogs for the disabled, for search and rescue, for law enforcement, and as therapy dogs.

God creates all life and He has a purpose for what He creates - He has not created these dogs for abuse, torture and useless deaths and those who do not seek other solutions to problems except to kill good family dogs are just as guilty as the criminals who damage and destroy innocent animals. Please pray that this breed will survive the slaughter that has been going on for too many decades and that people will start to care about what is happening to them.

You have earned your rest, Brave Chief!

Shauna Russ
Phoebe Amanda PSD, my God-given Happy Pill!
Bekah Sue PSD retired: at the Bridge - always in my heart, until we are reunited!