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Animal Stories
Comments by Gerard - 28 Aug 2010

In Reference to: A ‘Chance’ in a Lifetime – A True Miracle

This story is so amazing.. my heart breaks whenever I see a cat walking in a street alone. No cat should have to ever go through that kind of sad life. Cats are all about loving us and being our friends. I have 3 cats and have always had cats since I was 5 years old. My little poopies are so loved and loving. I have 1 cat on each side of my head in bed and one curled in behind my bent knees.. I just love it.

The story about Chance is deserving a heroic applause for Debra.. I have to be honest I would have probably done the exact same thing as Debra.. and have even done so myself in the past.. I once saw a bird half dead from a feral cat and took the bird to a bird specialist for treatment and it was rehabilitated.. couldn't fly anymore but lived in the care of this kind animal lover/bird doctor (I couldn't believe I had found a bird specialist in my area but I did)-

I don't know about what you'll think of this but I was driving on a very wide and busy street 4 lanes and many speeders on this road.. I was approaching an area up ahead where I focused in and couldn't believe what was before my eyes up ahead.. it was an untimely (rush hour) mother duck with all her kiddies walking across this road???? I thought WHAT!!! I mean these guys were waddling so slow with mom in front of the row of ducks and dad in the back (or vice versa I didn't check or anything) Anyway.. I just swerved my car to the side and then pulled it across all the lanes vertically and I got out of my car and waved my hands from side to side.. all the cars coming came to a stop.. everyone saw what was going on and everyone just stared and when all the ducks made it safely across the road everyone clapped and beeped their horns it was awesome!