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Animal Stories
Comments by Lori Escalera - 7 Dec 2010

In Reference to: Good-Bye Molly Girl

Ah, I keep coming back to this time and again. Your Molly girl looks like my Monopoly to a T. He just used up one more of his 9 lives with an epilus surgery at 14. He has lived thru so much. But, by the grace of God we go!

I don't know if you remember, but I wrote you about 3 yrs ago when Monopoly was diagnosed with liver failure and I came across your photos. You told me about your dogs and Molly.

I'm amazed that Monopoly had made it this far with his ailments. But, I am a devoted caretaker and he has a feisty spirit and by the grace of God he goes!

To answer your question about how he got his name, when he was brought to me (from the street) he was 4 - 7 month old puppy. He looked like the little scottish terrier old game piece from the Monopoly game. And the name stuck. He's also had unofficial nick names such as "scruff/scruffy" and "fluffy." He is still quite the character even with his dementia and senility. Quite a character indeed.