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Animal Stories
By Audrey Wood - 30 Oct 2011

In Reference to: Bella, Tarra's Companion, has Died

I read with great sadness about the passing of Bella, the little white dog who made headlines by befriending the elephant Tara. How very sad that she was attacked, in the wildlife shelter. How deep the bond between the two animals, in that Tara would bring her best canine friend back to the barn. There can be no better tribute to the sentient feelings of animals than this sad story. RIP, Bella-- believe your soul will still watch over Tara.

I have two white American Eskimo dogs and my female looks a lot like Bella. In North American First Nations culture, the arrival of a pure white animal was believed to signify the coming of an emissary, when the world was in need. Once there was a white Buffalo born in Janesville, WI. My dogs are my true companions and mean the world to me. I will hold them tight and pray tonight for Bella, hoping that she did not suffer badly.

God bless....

Audrey Wood, LAER (Large Animal Emergency Responder) Ontario, Canada