Animal Stories


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Animal Stories
By Angel - 26 Dec 2011

In Reference to: Heidi's Christmas Gift

This world needs more people like you, and keep up the good work- i am a huge animal fanatic too- and would love to go adopt all i could but due to $$ and space i only have a rescued (adopted) black lab, 3 rescued cats, a pot bellied pig which i have found thinks she is dog, 2 rats which we rescued and are very spoiled rotten, and i also have a 130 gallon tank of fish(mostly koi).

I have found through the years that a lot of people seem to think pets are dispensable and throw-a-ways.

I have found that some people get pot bellied pigs with the intention of them staying small, and when they don't or do not behave they dump them. The same goes for the cats and dogs too.

I have even found that people don't want their fish anymore so they just decide to "dump' them and never have another thought.

I have taken in more fish than i can count like this and either given to people with ponds or given away with a free ad-

Apparently animals don't have feelings and some people think just a fish or what ever animal. I just wanted to tell you i am glad you are doing your apart to make this world a better place. I get teased all the time for taking in and finding strays and saving all little creatures-i once tried to bottle feed a litter of newborn mice who were in my recycling in my garage- i lost the battle one by one- very disheartening- 

i even have moved deceased cats off the road and buried a few which i drove by for several days and couldn't take it anymore- they deserved a proper burial too- i remember i was with a friend and this cat ran out in front of this gentleman and he hit it-

i turned around and helped him, he was a little old man who was crying cause of what he did and said that he tried to miss it- he took the kitty home to bury. I helped him put it in his van. It made me feel like i did something good in my life. My friend could not understand how i could touch a dead cat. I guess some people just do not understand pets and animals are family and have feelings too- and bring us comfort.

ANGEL in Michigan