Animal Stories


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Animal Stories
By Louise - 25 Jan 2012

In Reference to: A Love Story...From the Other Side of the World

Wonderful story and I believe in love with animals.

I helped in animal rescue and we have several cats, maybe a little more them several. It all started with two five week old kittens. They were going to be drowned. Long story short, I took them in. Mittens and Muffin, boys black and white. While I love them both, Muffin was my love and I was his love.

Cats and kittens have come and gone in my life and I love them very much. He passed at age 16. As I said more have come and gone. I always have loved cats. I love animals but rescue was with cats.

Christmas 2007, a Yorkshire Terrier came into my life as a Christmas gift. Knowing nothing about dogs, I was not sure if I wanted her. Another long story short, she is the love of my life. She is beautiful, wonderful and very well behaved. I cannot take credit for her manners because I never had to be pack leader with my cats. As I said before I love all my animals very much but like Muffin, Olivia is very special.

Thank you and all who recue animals. So many people are horrible. Your work is so importance.

Blessing to you and Mabel and to everyone who saves the animals.