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Animal Stories


Animal Stories - A collection of comments and discussions that will hopefully help us to live a more compassionate cruelty-free lifestyle.

Animal Stories
By Nina - 20 Feb 2012

In Reference to: Satya can’t be ridden, so she was abandoned: But she's welcome here

Thank you for saving Satya.  I too am a horse lover and just recently we lost a white Apaloosa mare to a serious cancer condition.   But,  now we have adopted a young paint named Kapono.   Horses are spiritual healers,  magnificent beings, and I only wish that all humans could see their magnificence.   Thank you for saving that girl,  horses deserve nothing but our respect and admiration after all mankind used them as slaves for hundreds of years pulling plows, carriages,  carrying people, and dying by the thousands in man made wars.

We must stop the horse slaughter house doors from again opening.   Write to your legislators,  It’s a horror.  You are probably aware of the horrors involved in the transports of horses to Canada and Mexico taking place since U.S. slaughter house doors closed.   WE NEED AN ENTIRELY NEW SYSTEM where severely injured, diseased, or very old horses can be humanely put down for low costs in  LOW COST horse medical clinics.  I am taking care of horses myself sharing my granddaughters horse,  working in the boarding facilty and loving all the horses and ponies there.  Then there are the precious burros who are routinely being killed by the BLM.  They too must be saved.  They are the most over worked animal on planet earth.  


Nina., resident of Oregon