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Animal Stories


Animal Stories - A collection of comments and discussions that will hopefully help us to live a more compassionate cruelty-free lifestyle.

Animal Stories
By Kelly - 21 Apr 2013

In Reference to: He Kept Me Alive in Afghanistan

I would like to say.  That in actuality it was not a pet, it was a service animal.  No pun intended.  It would fall under the Emotional Support of the ADA 1990 Act. 

This means the guy can still keep him wherever he goes.  Since it is not a pet he can have it where he is living.  He needs to have his doctor say he needs it as a service animal (under the above reason) and landlords CAN NOT DO A THING ABOUT IT.  He does NOT pay a pet deposit, IT IS NOT A PET. The cat has a job under the ADA of 1990, thus making him a service animal. 

I would like this to get to the guy the story was written about.  I would also love to see a series on Service Animals.  There is a lot to say about them.  Like what is a s.a. verses a therapy animal (LOTS), what kind of animal, how old, which breeds can be (like Pit Bulls and ANY BULLYBREED).  I think you get my point