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Animal Stories


Animal Stories - A collection of comments and discussions that will hopefully help us to live a more compassionate cruelty-free lifestyle.

Animal Stories
By Lori - 1 May 2013

In Reference to: The Day Everything Changed

What a sad, sad story. The saddest thing is that you actually gave Carlin to SPCA and walked away. No compassionate person would have done that. I think that you should have brought him home and even if he had to be euthanized, you should have taken him to your vet and held him close while he took his last breath.

How could you have just handed over to another stranger a little creature who trusted you and believed that you cared about him. How do you think he felt when you walked away and left him there?

I really wish that you had been there for him through his last moments, even if you had to take him home and had him euthanized.

This is very very sad, poor Carlin, he was right not to trust any human.


PS: I’m happy that you are trying to help the puppy mill dogs.