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By Mark - 5 May 2014

In Reference to: Ruby Tuesday, Rest with the Lord

God bless you!! I will make it short.

Our world needs people like you!!

 Just by visiting pounds or rescues or by logging on petfinder we can see the cruelty of man!!  Abandoned due to divorce too much fur loss barks too much not enough time moving my boyfriend does not like it etc. etc. etc. Any excuse to abandon a pet.

In the USA a so called God fearing nation over 10 million animals are euthanised because of their race color or they are too old or no one wants to adopt them. 70% of them are killed in govt funded gas chambers that make the creature suffer a horrific death.

In Canada we used electrocution gas chambers are still used and acceptable and even shooting the animal. A couple of years ago a dog took 15 bullets to the head by a pound before it died!! Is that humane?? Under man's law yes even the SPCA knew n tolerated since it was a competitor.

Pray for man and his soul that God may forgive him n change his heart.


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