Animal Rights Activism: What's the Best Way?


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Animal Rights Activism: What's the Best Way?
Comments by Janine - 27 May 2009

Well said, everyone!

Agree with Maynard, totally, about demonstrating the proper way to act and support cruelty free products, man made, better for the environment, less costly, more humane, saving lives of creatures, etc..., etc...!

Why exaggerate and dramatize and blow things out of proportion to make a point, without just explaining how simple it really is?

...wearing other animals skins as opposed to being content with our own skin, and rather being diligent to cover it with man made clothes for modesty is just like repeating the sin that was committed in the Garden of Eden mentioned in the Old Testament in the Book of Genesis regarding the story about "eating from the tree of knowledge," for it is rather the stupidity of those who don't see the "tree of life" way of acting responsibly, for our planet is to be shared with all the other species equally, not just the human race, so you see, people's exploiting other sentient beings whether for their flesh or pelts is just another form of racism or being against other species or insensitive to their needs and rights to exist... the poor seals represent the tree of knowledge, does that make a bit more sense, now?

We should be shocked by how apparently cruel and blind to the pain and suffering of these wonderful beings some people are and promote veganism and compassion! The irony is that these hunters know it's wrong and yet they do it anyway! They both exploit and eat from the tree of knowledge knowingly, instead of refraining from such sins, and being content just eating from, and emphasizing the tree of life.



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