Animal Rights Activism: What's the Best Way?


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Animal Rights Activism: What's the Best Way?
Comments by Betty - 28 May 2009

Maybe they are hoping that if they get people's attention to the nudes, etc., THEN they can give them the real message(?) Maybe it does work with some people, or maybe some people just go past that stuff and understand from the get go what they are trying to do. I'm just speculating.

I think I may have learned about PETA from the KFC Cruelty logo on Richard Pryor's website (when he was still alive). For whatever reason, that didn't prompt me to go veg at that time, though. A year or two later, it was probably a combination of websites and articles (primarily Gail Eisnitz's "They Die Piece By Piece" that caused me to say, "I've had it". Of course, my next question was, "What will we eat?" It's been almost two years, and there seems to be plenty to eat.


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