Animal Rights Activism: What's the Best Way?


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Animal Rights Activism: What's the Best Way?
Comments by Betty - 28 May 2009


I don't mean to defend people who say that they can't look at images, but I completely understand. I think it's human nature not to want to see suffering. I recall picking up "Fast Food Nation" in the video store when I was still eating meat. I put it back down thinking that there may be some animal cruelty in it. Honestly, I think that many people who say they don't want to see such things really do care about animals (or at least think they do). People who don't care probably wouldn't have a bit of a problem looking at it.

More than anything, I think that consumers often lack responsibility. Many just figure that what goes on before they make purchases in stores isn't their responsibility. I think there really was something to be said for growing your own food, making your own clothes, etc. Then there was no doubt what happened before something became the end product.


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