Animal Rights Activism: What's the Best Way?


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Animal Rights Activism: What's the Best Way?
Comments by Janet - 28 May 2009

Hi Betty!

I went to a conference once and talked to an undercover investigator. I thought the things he thought would interest you. He said he's filmed slaughterhouses, laboratories and a few fur establishments and of course couldn't tell me which. He had to watch the most horrible human behavior and terrible animal suffering 40 hours a week for months. He said it was difficult but necessary. He took muscle relaxers before bed so he could sleep at night and not see the haunting images all night long. The only thing that got him to these places every day was the knowledge that what he was doing would make a difference. His suffering of having to watch was nothing compared with what the animals had to endure.

He didn't stop the people because all that did was get you ridiculed by coworkers and then animals would be hurt worse just to "bother" him.

We were at lunch at the conference and his words had us all so choked up that we couldn't eat. He would tear up frequently and just shake his head.

He said that he formed such a hatred for everyone he "worked" with. Both because they poked fun at him for even caring and because of the hate they showed the animals.

At the conference we witnessed some of his footage. The small segments that we saw just made us speechless. I'll never forget it. Like I never forget any of the footage I've seen. That doesn't even the count the poor person who has to edit the footage from 8 hours a day to a few minutes. That would really suck too. I recommend watching undercover videos and I also hope you say a prayer for the animals but also the poor individual who had to go through documenting it.

Just thought you might like to know. :)


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