Are Mercy Killings (Euthanasia) Ethical?


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Are Mercy Killings (Euthanasia) Ethical?
Comments by Irena - 19 Nov 2010


I was in this list some years ago, but I had to unsubscribe due to several reasons. Some months ago I tried to subscribe again because I really missed the group and the discussions, but I couldn't find the info until today.

Unfortunately, now I have a terrible problem and a deep dilemma. Please, I would like to hear your opinions.

My beloved dog Annie has lymphosarcoma (cancer of the lymphatic system. Until a month and a half ago she was the perfect image of health, and suddenly the symptoms, the diagnosis, the rapid course of the illness...

I consulted several vets, gave her different remedies, tried one special therapy, but nothing worked out and she continued getting worse and worse.

I prayed for a miracle, and I also begged God to take her right away if that was His will.

I was always against euthanasia, but now seeing my dog in such deteriorated condition, I wonder what is the right thing to do?

If God is in control of the whole universe, and everything happens for a reason and in His time, do I have the right to terminate Annie's life? Or do I have to keep waiting for God to do what He has to do?

This is the first time I confront this problem. I'm extremely sad, disturbed and confused. I'll appreciate your opinions.