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Associative / Metaphorical Theories of Consciousness: Heifer International
Comments by: Stephen R. Kaufman - 4 Feb 2006

Good observation, Gregory.

"I find it profoundly interesting that in nearly every age/culture/religion, there have been those who comprise a sort of moral movement of ethical vegetarianism, and that these are usually the great spiritual exemplars which shape cultural views and become famous."

Why don't people reject the message of those whose message they are reluctant to receive and incorporate into their lives? I think the reason is that people intuitively recognize that the spiritual leaders who have embraced all Creation have been at peace. We want the sense of contentment and equanimity that comes with renouncing violence and conflict, but many people are afraid to put their trust in God.

If they don't hoard, they fear they will go hungry or find themselves deprived of "creature comforts" that they have come to know and enjoy. If they don't "get even," they fear that people won't respect them, or they won't respect themselves. So, people look to the spiritual leaders as manifesting an ideal. Wouldn't it be great not to hate anyone? But we hold onto our resentments because our anger, frustration, and (often) sense of humiliation makes it so hard to let go.


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