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Comments by Daniel Salomon - 14 Feb 2009

In Reference to: Human-Animal Reconciliation

Dear Rev. Frank and Mary,

Thanks very much for continuing to read my book, I really appreciate this. Also, thanks for giving me some preliminary feedback. It is very helpful!!!

I too, strongly contend that there is a strong connection between nonviolence and animal issues, an ecological value which the environmental movement has not picked-up on, in all its talk about sustainability. I contend in my book, Creation Unveiled, that sustainability does not go far enough, one also needs to be nonviolent in their relationship with animals and the Earth.

I definitively have had similar experiences. Now that you think about it-I have had better wildlife and animal encounters since I have become a vegetarian. I have had some amazing experiences, which I only alluded to in my latest book, mainly because I was trying to stick to the data, be scientific in my methodology, but off-the-record, when I volunteered at the Salisbury Zoo in college I developed a personal spiritual friendship with a Canada goose named Wounded Healer, you can read the story in Creation Unveiled, one time I had a wild winter wren land within inches of my feet, one time in graduate school I was walking home on the campus at night, and a skunk came up to my sneakers and sniffed for they look like a skunk, I held still, then he left, and did not even squirt me. These are just a few of the stories.

Also, I attribute it to my behaviors when I am around animals, which of course, I talk about in this latest book.

Look forward to your feedback, upon completion, and certainly feel free to give feedback like this, as you go though.

Thanks very much!


Daniel Salomon, n/OEF

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