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Comments by Daniel Salomon - 16 Feb 2009

In Reference to: Human-Animal Reconciliation

Dear Frank and Mary,

Glad they were helpful. It looks like we are kindred spirits.

I didn't know you were a Messianic Jew. You must have an interesting story to tell. My story is that I was born into and raised in a Reformed Jewish family. I converted to Christianity. But I have still have retained my Jewish charisma and identity in many ways, e.g. questioning authority, valuing education, being very political, etc. And, I, particularly with my family, still observe many of the Jewish customs, e.g. the Sabbath, the Jewish holidays, love of the Old Testament, etc.

In terms of where I am located, I am located in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Also, my experience with "Wounded Healer", the Canada goose, was sort of like how you described. When I volunteered at the Salisbury Zoo, I was praying one day for an animal I could minister too. Then, I was feeling upset at the end of the day, so I asked a Canada goose to pray with me. And, it turned out, the goose sat down and prayed with me. It turned out, this was the same goose I saw with a broken wing earlier that day. We developed a special friendship from there. You can read about the story of "Wounded Healer" in entirety in my book, Creation Unveiled.

Thanks very much once again! And, once again, do not hesitate to send more comments or questions. I have also found the Christian animal movement, very validating of my own experiences with animal life, too.

Sincerely ,

Daniel Salomon

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