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Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 2 May 1998

Dear Veggie Friends:

When Debra wrote that she was glad to be on the List with others who understood the insights that she has, she was expressing her openness to receiving all that the Holy Spirit has, and continues to give her. Likewise, she was acknowledging that the One and same Holy Spirit has given those same gifts of spiritual insight to others.

When Jim wrote about his frustration over why the majority of Christianity doesn't accept the seemingly obvious fact that the suffering we cause the animals couldn't be what God wants us to to do, he is also acknowledging that our One and same Holy Spirit is speaking to all of us equally with the same insights.

When Nancy wrote that she had never thought about our relationship to the animals until she became part of our discussion group, she, too, was acknowledging the "Wow!" of the revelation we receive when we tune ourselves fully to the Holy Spirit, for the Lord is constantly teaching us that we might fully mature, which most likely won't happen to any of us until we're with the Lord in heaven, and maybe not even then.

When Jim and Debra question why so many "believers" haven't come to the point of recognition that the animals are God's creatures, too, and that we are to care for them and protect them, and not eat them, they are focusing upon our immaturity as Christians. Whether or not this lack of maturity, this lack of sensitivity to the suffering that we, as a society, are causing the animals leaves us something "less" than a Christian, is something that we should really leave to the Lord. And, I include Mary and myself among you, for we, too, question how so many people, who call themselves Christians, could be so insensitive and limit their love and compassion.

I believe that Nancy's reaction to the pain and suffering of animals is what we expect to find in others when we, and the Holy Spirit, enlighten them to the truth. Our frustration comes from not seeing this awakening, and even more so when we observe an outright rejection of the obvious truth.

What is happening, I believe, is that we are experiencing the same type of frustration that the prophets of old experienced. God gives us all this insight, just as His gift of Jesus came for everyone, but not everyone wants to accept the whole truth. In fact, only a few accept the truth. And I believe this is why the Lord told us that broad is the way that leads to destruction and narrow is the way that leads to life, and few are those who accept it. And, as a pastor, I can tell you, this is even more frustrating.

I was recent told that I have been given a special insight that others don't possess, and I don't believe this in the least. What is "special" to this person, is my willingness to accept what the majority of others don't want to accept or face the truth about, a truth that this person acknowledges, but won't accept, either. People don't want to acknowledge the truth, because then they become responsible for changing their lifestyle, and they don't want to; thus, they deny the truth.

So, my fellow "prophets", let us continue be strong in the Lord, and soft of heart, never tiring of spreading the whole truth of the Good News; that all creatures might praise Him here below; and that the whole of creation will see the revealing of the sons and daughters of God. When we feel as frustrated as Elijah, and feel that we are all alone, let us remember that the Lord told Elijah that He had also preserved 7,000 others who were like-minded. Is our e-mail discussion List part of the way in which the Lord encourages us, and seeks to strengthen us? I believe it is. And, if at times we weep as did Jeremiah, know for certain that the Lord weeps with us.