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Comments by Terry Dean - 12 Dec 2010

My name is Terry Dean, in this profile I hope to bring some things to your attention and also give a little information on who I was before this great visitation and how it changed me.

After this visitation happened I wrote it down immediately and it has not changed. I had the spelling corrected but the events are still the same as from the beginning. It is important for all to know that I did not see God, I seen a vision of what God wanted me to see only. Like Moses seeing the burning bush, Moses did not see God he only seen what God wanted him to see in his vision. If Moses or myself or anyone else seen God we would be dead just from the glory.

Now before I had my vision I looked at life totally different then I do after I had it. It seems before I just went threw life not worrying about how I effected life with what I was doing, but now I look at the way man is effecting the whole planet, we are not good stewards over what God has given us, we can live with and next to all God has given us, not tear it down and sling it to the side. Now I see the world as a whole where everything is one with one, our mother earth, we only have one and the more we destroy the less we have.

God lets us know things about life at certain times of our life and it is up to us to listen to him and make the adjustment to it like eating meat, we know meat is not good for us, it is bad for the heart and the rest of our body system as a whole. Veggies have everything the body needs for a healthier life, we can eat good without raising live stock and killing them to survive. I am not a total vegetarian but I have went from 95% of my meals with meat to a 15% of my meals with meat and I am cutting that down as I learn more recipes for all meals and snacks. I no longer smoke or drink alcohol, yes life is different after my visitation and as I grow in the lord I get happier and healthier.

Now before I had this vision I was a timid and shy man. I believed in God but would never witness, only if the subject came up and I was totally comfortable with who I was around at the time, but I would almost never just walk up to someone that I did not know and say do you believe in God, or do you believe in the lord, or do you believe in Jesus. But after my visitation and vision happened I am a whole different man altogether. For example, I will be in a line at a Mc Donald’s restaurant and I will witness to the people in front of me or the people behind me, but 90% of the time I would strike up a conversation about God or the lord Jesus. I would witness to all I came in contact with because I felt God had place me there with them for a reason. There is no coincidence with God, there is a reason for everything that happens so I would witness and witness.

After this vision happened I went long haul with my truck driving career. I drove all over the USA witnessing day and night, sometimes just a simple do you believe in God would turn into an hour or two of talking and witnessing to people. This went on for 5 years and 6 months. I would take my home time normally after being out on the road for 4 to 6 weeks, but sometimes I would be out for 12 weeks or longer. When I would get home to my family it felt so good to be home. I would be witnessing to someone and if somebody walked up to me and the person I was talking to I would say we are talking about the lord so you can join in if you want to but we are not going to change the topic from the lord, and that person would either start talking with us about God or say ok and walk off. So I was very different from the way I was before this visitation, he gave me power and a boldness I never knew before.

And it was so cool to see and feel the holy spirit working threw me, he would say things I would never say because he knows all things, it was like I was setting in the background watching him talk threw me. It cannot be explained or expressed where a person can understand it unless you have experienced this yourself, but I would feel his power go right threw me. If you haven’t felt this you haven’t felt real life, and if you haven’t felt his love you haven’t felt real love because he is love and love comes from him only. He is the well of life and if you have not drank from this well you haven’t known life.

So if you want to know real life ask of him and he will give you the living water, his Holy Spirit. All are welcome to drink for free, and this is something you cannot go to anyone for. You cannot go to a preacher a priest or a minister for, they do not have it, they can only point you to who does have it, God himself, only going through Jesus Christ can you go to the father and ask the father in the name of his son Jesus for the Holy Spirit, and if you ask with a true heart, and Believe, he will give you the living water [Holy Spirit]. God said in his word [you will seek me and you will find me after you seek me with all your heart], so it is up to everyone to go to the throne of all power.

Its up to you, its up to me, to go to the throne of God ourselves.

Before Christ Jesus died on the cross and gave himself as the pure Lamb of God we could not go to the throne, it could only be accessed once a year by the high priest. Who would go into the holy of holies behind the vale that separated man form God, One time a year he would sprinkle blood for the sins of all the people, but after Christ Jesus gave himself one time for all the sins of the world we now we can go boldly to the throne of God ourselves. Jesus broke down the wall of sin that was a gap between God and us. So when we go to the throne and stand before God we need not be ashamed because we go to him in the name of Jesus so he sees Jesus not us, we go there in his Authority and Righteousness, not ours.

Now I can only say that God is absolutely real and alive. The closer you get to and know the lord Jesus the more you see the manifestation of him in this realm, and the better you know his calling for your life. To fear God is the beginning of wisdom.

May you let God bless you

Thank you, Terry Dean

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