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By Janine - 15 Jul 2011

Dear Frank and Mary,

On: Listening, the Lord our G-d is ONE; and the WORLD is ONE!

Testimonial: [on being connected]...

While reading pages and pages of Perek Shira, am attempting to put into perspective some of my insights from contemplation, silent comprehension and deeper methods of study...

One of which is a big part in practicing absorbing that which is read, by my making an effort to speak the words that have been giving inspiration from all of G-d's heavenly creatures, out of the booklet of Perek Shira out loud, so that I can actively be involved not only in the thought process, (the mind churning out associations of ideas silently) but the act of listening.

There is a wonderful passage in the book of Job that says: “Ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee: or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee” (Job 12:7,8). Now, that takes a lot of sitting still and focusing!

I went yesterday to the northernmost point "Rosh Hanikra" a veritable natural wonder and listened instinctively... amazingly a small miracle happened.

While approaching the dinner table in a restaurant, I noticed that a server was attempting to shoo a tiny bird out who was repeatedly striking its wings by accident upon not finding an open window (they had those huge tall transparent windows) and she was going around opening windows closest to the bird but in so doing, was also frightening it away, each time, until it was flying around getting very exhausted.

I made soothing sounds, and started approached it cautiously, until I was right up close, and it let me stroke the back of its head, while stretching its beak open wide, letting me calm it down, for several long moments (seven-or-eight) while it settled more comfortably, and I was admiring its beauty and hearing its pain, its frustration, and its having absorbed the negative vibrations of those trying to chase it out...

Immediately, I "sent" a vivid image of a FREE bird, and how gracious it was in flight and blessed with G-d's LOVE. It gained strength and peace, and with a perceptible toss of its head, (whatever that symbol was supposed to mean to me) then it got out, in a flash!

We can all benefit from trying to listen for “the still small voice” of God, as Elijah did in the Bible (1 Kings 19:12).