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Christian Witness - By Anthony James - 6 Sep 2012

Matthew 3:11 "I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me will come one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not fit to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire".

If the Word is True, and it is.. then we must believe that indeed Jesus will baptize with the Holy Spirit and Fire. What is this? Is this something that happens in the flesh or after our flesh dies, in the Spirit? It is done while a man is still in his flesh, Amen.

This Truth was also leaned upon unwittingly by disciples and the words they spoke allude to the fact that "Baptism of the Holy Spirit" indeed is a Sacrament placed upon men by the Lord, Jesus while man is in the flesh.

John 3:4 "How can a man be born when he is old?" Nicodemus asked. "Surely he cannot enter a second time into his mother's womb to be born!".

Clearly Nicodemus was eluding to the fact that a man will not return to his mother's womb while he is in the flesh, but that instead while the man is in the flesh he will be "born again"- This is the dead Spirit that man is born with, Resurrected in the man while he is still a man by the Power of the Holy Spirit and sent forth by the Will of God to draw his elect children to His Son, The Christ- Our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

In 2009, I was born again by the most Merciful act of God. It is written that when the Holy Spirit comes upon a man, that man will have Power.

Acts 1:8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."

To all my brothers and sisters I say that I died in my flesh, lost in the world- broken and indeed crushed. It is a true, I did cry out to Jesus from my heart most days throughout terrible ordeal after terrible ordeal.. always enduring for Christ, this was my motivation always. To suffer merely meant to start over for Him. And this I did do many times.

How many times? And furthermore did I ever tire and fall? Yes. I did as I grew older and had no place in this world I found that a barrage of motor vehicle accident's befell me time and time again. These accidents were freak in nature, and most if not all not my fault.

I had many disappointments including a terrible fallout from a Master's Program at NYU- A professor had given me an F grade on a mid-term exam. The professor refused to explain the grade nor did the professor follow school policy and meet with me about the grade. I remember this, it was a very crushing event in my life because I had a bachelor's degree and 10 years of working in the field related to this study I was undertaking. I sought help from the school committee but received none.

The hurt and pain went on with the school I was crushed and then all the automobile accident's happened. My heart was crying out to the Lord through it all. I lost every thing and was being hit by other cars so frequently I thought I was cursed for sure.

These events would lead me to an opiate addiction, having lost my education, and resigned from my job for the school.. I had nothing but pain and opiates and this was a road that I was suddenly on. A road far, far from any road my imagination could have ever dreamed up. A dark, lonely, road of disappointment and questions. I thought that no matter what I do, everything I strive for will be taken from me and I will be left with nothing. And I was left with nothing, no job, no hope, no money.. and yet the doctor's gave me endless drugs.. there was no shortage of the drugs that would inevitably kill me. Kill who? An elect of God. A True Friend of the Living God, Jesus Christ. Amen. I have always been of Christ's Love and Heart. Always.

Does a child of God suffer? You bet he does. Many things indeed will a True Christian suffer in this world. So, there I lay after 8 years fully addicted to oxycontin, oxycodone and sleeping pills and antidepressants... decaying man of disappointment. What should I do?

Rebel and sin without yielding? I did some of that. I was angry and after so long a time passed by and I could only see more and more disappointment of course I wondered "where is my Jesus"? But my Jesus would not come to me, until I was dead. And I died. Where did I go?

I went to hell. Where else will an unsaved man go? Kick me, throw me away, give me nothing, isolate me.. do it all world.. do it. The Lord your God is watching and my heart lay in His very Hand.. Broken and my spirit lay limp before Him, Crushed. Who can discern this of the flesh?

Not 1 man. But God? God knows these things and I have to tell of these things because of these things I have endured in both the flesh and the Spirit. It is my God given work to do, to tell you that the Word is Alive and that I had lived it even before I knew it by eye or ear. Then, in retrospect, the Word of God spoke to me of the very things I had experienced before knowing they were written thousands of years ago.

Amen, the Word never changes. Who knows this firsthand?

I do, and I believe others do as well whom the Lord has Baptized in the Holy Spirit.

A must read;

The Power of the Holy Spirit returned me a dead man whose soul was thrust into hell and fire engulfed me entirely. I saw myself gasping for air, and dying... I felt what I felt the deepest sorrow for.. that my name, "me", of whom I loved and saw myself of 'worth' I saw and felt the letters of my name disappearing and it made me so sorrowful and I cried from the depths of my heart for Jesus to come and Save me from this... I wept of sorrow for a Savior.. There was no one for me, no mother or father or brother or sister or wife or friend... none. Who could or would go down into hell and try to save me? Who would do this? No one!

And in this Truth, I lay in hell alone and dying and knowing that no one loved me in a True way at all whom I came across in the world. No one, because if any one Truly Loved me I would have never ended up in hell.

Would I? No. I would not, that is the True Truth. So, then, with this Truth being 'KNOWN' and my flesh lay dead on my own bed, perhaps my wife even didn't notice... but I was dead and in hell.. and maybe she was dusting the furniture, or combing her hair... This is hard Truth all you who read this.

I did come through this, not that I came through of dance and joy, no but of True Sorrow, Mourning, Weeping, and True Trembling.. For the Power of the Holy Spirit was upon me.. Who will pluck me from God's Hand before He does? Who? No ONE! Not even death. Amen. Not even death.

What did I understand? I understood that there was 1 who Loved me. I understood that there was 1 who would go down into hell for me and take my dead Spirit out of there and bring my Spirit into a New Birth- Life is of God. Amen. And the Lord, Saved me. Born Again of the Power of The Holy Spirit. Awake on my bed, weeping, mourning, sobbing .. Trembling..

What was this? CHRIST INDWELLING! Awake and fully addicted to poison, this is Power.. that in 2 months I would be completely free of an 8 year addiction.

John 8:36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.

From death to Life and healed by the Lord... all my Love is His. And this is what life is for, for this accomplishment. For Faith unto Salvation, through trial and tribulation.. through the Fire... Amen.

I would say to you "hey, I hope you believe in what I say"

But I know that it is much better to simply say, with the same results, to believe in God's Word. For my whole Testimony, is in the bible itself.

All Jesus' Doing. 100% of it. For I died. I know that. He Saved me. I know that. This brings forth Truth and the kind of Love that lasts forever!

I am Anthony James, your Brother in Christ, Jesus.

My God be with you as He was with me.


Inspired recently by a spiritual awakening I am working hard at returning to my Christian roots. I am trying hard to take all my lessons in and come to a place of wisdom and truth. I am more able, since my reawakening, to see the err of my past, and the ways I chose to think and be.

Disappointments in my life defined my arrogance and defiance to the most important thing of all, God, Jesus, Mary & Joseph. Imagine, traveling all alone in this world? Thinking that we don’t need anything or anyone?

Imagine these lessons. They are all realized now and perhaps new realizations will continue to enlighten me. I am now humbled by a very harsh teacher indeed, that being ‘time lost’. But time lost is a tool God has used to show me His Necessity in our lives. Time lost is not actually lost time if the lesson is learned because there is still a chance to change. I am working hard at changing and have already taken several leaps towards becoming a more righteous man.

My poetry always reflects ‘life’ and always has. I started writing poems after a motorcycle accident back in 1983. I broke my leg and it was so painful and kept me debilitated for a full year and another three years to be able to walk without limping. What a metaphor for my life. Pain, immobility, time, and eventually being able to walk again.

I am a Christian. I was an altar boy and wanted to be a priest but was turned away by a priest who himself had an alcohol problem. Life is never what we think it will be. I guess we will only come to know our life when it is in its final days. So let’s all keep writing our Book of Life in a wonderful way, and our poems too which will ultimately adorn the chapters throughout.

I need to say a special Thank You to Frank & Mary Hoffman here because their website has provided me with a very kind bulletin board for my writings, expressions and healing. Thank You Frank & Mary and may God always Bless You both for this. I am not a professional writer or poet.

I am a man fighting tooth and nail to save my Soul. I will do everything I can think of to win God’s Love back. I will always speak well of God and Jesus and the Holy Family to anyone and everyone I ever cross paths with. I Love God and am working towards becoming a more loving human being to everyone.


Anthony James

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