Companion Vs. Other Animals

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Companion Vs. Other Animals
Comments by Lorena Mucke - 3 Aug 2007

Hi, Rob.

As a vegan female who owns a cat, I have to tell you that they are very affectionate and loving animals. Very different from dogs, but nonetheless they enjoy human company. I believe that the surplus of dogs and cats is directly a consequence of human irresponsibility. Our cat is neutered so we know we will not be adding to the population. If we hadn't provided a home for him, he'd have had good chances to be a stray animal and continue breeding.

Ideally, I agree that we should not support the meat industry if possible. Our dogs are vegan, but cats don't do well on a vegan diet, and hence it becomes a survival issue. We do live in a fallen world and unless God intervenes, there'll be animals who eat flesh. Therefore, I think we should provide a home for cats, feed them with the least abused animals (not factory farmed ones), and spay/neuter them to stop population growth. Sadly, dogs and cats would not have a good life apart from humans for they have become so domesticated.


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