Companion Vs. Other Animals

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Companion Vs. Other Animals
Comments by Ray Barta - 3 Aug 2007

Oh, cows are not sacred in India like westerners think that word means.

Cows are revered as life givers, because India is not rich with farm land that will grow crops, and cows can eat grass and weeds, and produce milk and cheese. If they kill the cow, the eat for a day, if the keep the cow alive, the eat for a life time. It is a dependent symbiotic relationship that they honor the cow as keeping them alive and that which sustains their lives is considered sacred.

Pigs to Jews is just the opposite, at some time thousands of years ago, a pig feast was had by the Jews, and many died of salmonella (food poisoning). The Jewish leaders concluded that this was a sign from God that the pig was unclean and was not to be eaten.

It is really that simple.

Love and Compassion for All Beings.....Ray

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