Companion Vs. Other Animals

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Companion Vs. Other Animals
Comments by Rob Slade - 3 Aug 2007

Hi Alicia

You could say that it is better to hold some animals sacred rather than none at all. But the reasons for not eating certain animals are as you say, fairly random. Hindus not eating cows is thought to be an economic Ė in the long run you get more nutrition from milk than from the meat, and Jews/Muslims not eating pork was originally a hygiene thing. I believe some Hindus donít eat root vegetables, also a originally a hygiene thing.

BTW, re cats and dogs, how do you reconcile supporting carnivores with being a vegetarian? It has always surprised me how many vegan females keep cats although usually I think it is for religious (pagan/pantheistic) reasons. But it is a big female thing, cats, isnít it? And a complete mystery to me. Unlike cats, and other humans, dogs give you unconditional love or attention and for me, coz I do a lot of running, and it gets lonely running, I can see the attraction of having a dog as running companion. In fact that is what dogs do, isnít it? Run. And run in packs, or with humans. But apart from running, they must get bored just sitting at home all day, which is what most of them have to do. Ditto cats. So as well as supporting the meat industry, keeping cats and dogs is probably a cruel thing to do.

Regards - Rob

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