Companion Vs. Other Animals

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Companion Vs. Other Animals
Comments by Sparrow R. Jones - 3 Aug 2007

Fish are lower on the food chain but still fairly high compared to things like shrimp.

What about locusts, grubs, ants -- all insects that people in some times or places have eaten or do eat? Is it cruel to eat them? And if so, is it wrong to squash a spider or spray for roaches?

I'm not trying to be argumentative. I'm honestly pondering this out.

And if insects are okay to eat, what about shrimp? They are basically insects-of-the-ocean. The Orthodox Christian fasting rules place ocean creatures without backbones (shrimp, oysters, scallops, crabs, lobsters, etc.) in a different category from those with backbones (fish, eels, etc.) Is that a good place to draw a line?

Or is it all cruel because all are alive, whether creatures with a backbone or not? (At which point, must we let ourselves be overrun with insects in order to avoid cruelty? Which is worse? To kill for food or to kill for comfort and a sense of cleanliness (I say a *sense* of cleanliness because humans *can* live clean with roaches by sealing everything well and washing all dishes and pans before using them.)

In Christ,


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