Companion Vs. Other Animals

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Companion Vs. Other Animals
Comments from Heidi - 18 Aug 2007


I agree about the arbitrary categorization of animals. I think there's yet a 3rd category that animals are put into, particularly when it comes to treatment of animals by human owners. I don't know exactly what it would be called, but it's animals used as food. It's a crucial category because humane laws regarding proper treatment of "domestic animals" don't always apply to animals used as food, thanks, most likely to powerful political lobbies like the Department of Agriculture, the Beef Council etc.

I think here in Tennessee where I live, the humane/cruelty laws specifically exclude "domestic animals" that are used for food. While there are also laws supposedly regulating the treatment of food animals, they're monitored by different agencies I think, the very agencies that usually lobby for looser laws on humane treatment (and humane slaughter).

I think it's more like the fox being charged with guarding the hen house so to speak. And being able to distinguish between a domestic animal as a pet and a domestic animal used for food is another arbitrary, slick way to get away with less than kindness toward certain animals.


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