Conversations with Animal Farmers


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Conversations with Animal Farmers
By Daniel - 30 Jul 2012

Six years ago I started raising chickens primarily to have my own supply of fresh eggs. Two years ago while we were on vacation one of our hens began sitting on a clutch of eggs. The eggs hatched soon after we returned, and watching that hen, Madeleine, raise her chicks was a transforming experience. I had no idea that the bond between a hen and her chicks was so strong. After observing more of my hens hatch and rear their young, I came to the concussion that every chick deserves a mother. I realize that this extremely old fashioned, slow way of raising chickens will never replace factory farms, but I still think it is important that people know how complex chickens actually are.

I published a book, Every Chicken Deserves a Mother, describing and illustrating the love and care chickens are capable of. Plus I get to eat the most delicious eggs and most humanely raised chicken meat possible.