Conversations with Animal Farmers


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Conversations with Animal Farmers
By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 11 Nov 2012

Dear Asa:

Thank you for telling us about your planned farm. You seem to be into its development. However, we don’t fully understand one of your comments and why you are asking us for our perspective.

Weren’t you a vegetarian for reasons of compassion and to help protect the environment? There can be no such thing as truly compassionate farming of animals, for they are made to do things that are counter to the ways the animals would choose to live, and they most assuredly would not want to be killed. Furthermore, the raising of animals causes more greenhouse gas pollution than all forms of transportation put together.

Not every crop can be grown in every location, but some crops can be grown on any farm.

As you can plainly see, we would much rather see you growing plant foods, which naturally help make this a much more loving and compassionate world, and helps bring true peace to earth.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary