Conversations with Animal Farmers


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Conversations with Animal Farmers
By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 12 Nov 2012

Dear Asa:

Thank you for your reply.

We’re happy to hear that you also believe that we can feed more people on plant foods than we can on animal foods.

The main problem with killing an animal for food, which you agree that we don’t need to do, is that we first have to harden our heart and soul to the animals’ desire to live. They want to live just as we do! Thus, we believe that the conflict you feel concerns the hardening of your heart and soul.

One the other hand, plants are not sentient, and cannot feel pain as animals do, which is the main reason that we believe God created plants to be stationary and feel no pain, and why He gave them to us and the animals as our only food.

Let me give you a few examples of how animals are treated in farming operations that is not natural:

Dairy cows have their babies stolen from them so that their milk will be available for human consumption, and both mother and child are grief stricken. They want to remain together as God intended. The male babies are killed for their flesh after a few months of life, and if they are veal calves, they are prevented from moving around all their short lives.

Chicken eggs are their mother’s unborn babies. They want to nurture them and raise a family. They want the freedom to move around and separate themselves when overcrowding causes them to peck at each other because of frustration. Furthermore, male babies of laying hens are not good for meat, and are usually cruelly killed as soon as they hatch.

Thank you for your kind closing comments, and we hope that this answers your questions.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary